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Barco’s multi-screen, panoramic movie format offers the ultimate immersive cinema experience.

Barco Escape Debut

Barco Escape premiered for audiences in fall 2014 with 20th Century FOX’s hit film, The Maze Runner, earning rave reviews from guests and critics that loved not just being at the movies but in the movies.

The format gained further momentum with viewers when it headlined Cinequest Film Festival’s 2015 “Future of Film” showcase, where the Silicon Valley Business Journal noted: “Such [Barco Escape] films might just lure more people out of their homes and into cinemas for an experience they can't get on their TV sets.”

What’s Next for Barco Escape?

Barco Escape is working hand in hand with today’s top studios and filmmakers to create projects that offer audiences an unmatched immersive viewing experience - only available in theaters. We’re also developing exciting alternative content and event programming opportunities to fill theaters during off-peak hours.

Barco recently announced a five year, multi-title per year agreement with 20th Century Fox to release films in Barco Escape. Barco is also working with top Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer on upcoming projects, along with several leading film production companies that will produce for the format.

Barco Escape is a bold step forward in storytelling and the future of the cinema experience, allowing us to expand the creative vision of our films.

- Jerry Bruckheimer

Barco Escape Features:

Barco Escape leverages the power of 3x DCI Barco Series II projectors and Barco’s Alchemy (including up to 120fps per screen) to deliver a compelling new way to experience the cinema. Barco Escape’s technology is designed with exhibitors and studios in mind:

  • Can be installed in new cinemas and retrofitted in existing ones
  • Streamlined operations for installation, DCP distribution and DCP playback
  • When the cinema is not in Barco Escape mode, regular movie presentations are undisturbed by the Barco Escape setup

This allows moviegoers to enjoy breathtaking immersive experiences without burdening Barco’s partners who make the real magic happen: the studios and exhibitors.

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